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Water-resistant and Termite-free Modular Kitchen Made from Cement Board

Our water-resistant and termite-free cement board kitchen and kitchen cabinet panel are made from "Wood cement board" or so-called the "Viva Board" -- a quality global export product. The Viva Board provides the great strength and durability of cement with the workability of wood. It is durable, termite-free, and last but not least it can be immersed in water without any degradation.

Our manufacturer has recently reformulated the formula and adjusted machines and production in order to correspond to raw materials, climate, and product demand in Thailand and Asia.
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What make the modular kitchen of the Ayara 1656 good?

The Ayara Decoration Line 1656 Co., Ltd. is a pioneer in using wood cement board to create cement board kitchen. We have manufactured cement board kitchen using the Viva Board that is water resistant and termite-free.

Wood Cement Board or Cement Bonded Particle Board

Wood cement board (Cement bonded particle board) was first founded in Europe in the early 70s. Manufacturing plants had been built across Europe to cater to the demand for finishing boards that are strong, tough, and easy to use. It was created to replace wood and wood-derived products in many construction applications as it is more durable and economical. Moreover, it is made from planted wood and does not contain any hazardous composition like asbestos. It is eco-friendly and has been used in many countries such as Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic, Russia, Turkey, Japan, Malaysia, China, and India.

Viva Board

Viva Board is made from planted wood flakes thoroughly mixed with Portland cement and mineralising agents. The mixed material is laid on carrier plates using a unique laying process by leaving mixed particles on the surface of the board for smooth and beautiful board finish.

Mixing fine wood particle, Portland cement, and mineralising agents and using a unique laying process to produce Viva Board. The carrier plates with the formed board mat are stacked and compressed using very high pressure to convert the formed mat into boards of required thickness. The stack is kept compressed until cement is hardened. The fresh boards are kept in the maturing store and passed through the conditioning chamber to bring them to equilibrium moisture content. The matured boards are trimmed to the finished size, carefully and seriously checked for quality control, and packed for dispatch.
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