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Walk-in Closet U-Shape


WALK-IN CLOSET Built-in wardrobe can be adjusted up and down. And can be imported and exported as needed. Can be made by yourself. Built-in dressing room, storage shelves because we have drawers There are many sizes to choose from.

Walk-in aluminum column furniture It is an evolution of built-in furniture. that want to install quickly And the price is reasonable. Walk-in Close furniture is a column system and equipment that the owner can adjust. Move furniture quickly and comfortably. With the outstanding Walk-in Close-set that can be adjusted up and down. Or move out - add furniture functions such as adding wooden shelves, and glass shelves, adding drawers, or removing cabinets. Do it yourself in minutes with the installation that is not too difficult It is suitable for clothing and requires large volumes. of the storage rack Can also be used in place of a wardrobe. There are drawers like a wardrobe.

Installing the Walk-in Close pole unit emphasizes complete functionality. You can choose the furniture according to the quantity you need. Adjustable height - low as you can control (Control) by yourself. For the most convenient and useful use Can be designed as a TV stand, storage rack, storage rack, or wardrobe. A dressing table can be used or can be used to decorate the shop.

The Walk-in Close furniture set allows us to make the most of the space. and can be designed to suit the customer's unlimited space We can arrange Walk-in Close furniture to suit your needs. which you can design and install by yourself Suitable for modern people who like simplicity but maximum functionality. Including simple adjustments Make Walk-in Close Furniture meets the need for unlimited changes.

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Walk-in Closet U-Shape - Loft Urban Light Oak
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Walk-in Closet U-Shape - Oak
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